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Mild, Sweet & Creamy

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Balti Butter Chicken

One of the most popular balti dishes with spices, cream and almonds

Balti Peshwari Murgh

Chicken Tikka cooked in a sweet balti sauce

Chicken Amerill

Chicken in mango based creamy sauce

Chicken Bengal Korma

Chicken tikka cooked in a sweet cream sauce with mango

Chicken Korma

Our mildest & creamist dish sweet in taste with almonds & coconut

Chicken Nepal

Chicken tikka cooked in creamy sweet sauce with lychee fruit

Chicken Tikka Makhani

Cooked with almond powder, ghee, touch of masala powder

Chocolate Korma

Love chocolate, sweet, Belgian chocolate, almonds & coconut powder (chicken, lamb or vegetable)